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Gift Bags/Baskets

Make gifting a breeze with our gift bags and baskets, which include a pot of plant that you can choose from our list of popular houseplants. Not only do our bags and baskets make it easy to add some greenery to any space, but they also include gardening essentials that the recipient will find useful. With a variety of plant options and essential tools to choose from, our gift bags and baskets are the perfect way to surprise a loved one or treat yourself. So why not make your next gift a thoughtful and practical one and choose one of our gift bags or baskets today!

Our gift basket is a special collaboration with The House, and it features their signature wicker basket design. This unique partnership brings together the best of both worlds: the high-quality and stylish design of The House's signature basket with our carefully curated selection of plants and gardening essentials.

Coming Soon...

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