Begonia Rex 'Beefsteak' in MERINGUE Ceramic Pot

Begonia Rex are admired for their fabulous foliage. The cultivar offers a wide range of colors, textures, and shape. Its leaves can vary in form - from hearts, to seashell swirls, to ivy-like forms, and more. Marked by dramatic colors - often a mix of green, pink or burgundy - the Begonia Rex can also include metallic shades of grayish silver. Always breathtaking to behold! Native to tropical regions, as houseplants, Begonia Rex are good-natured - they are as easy to care for as they are easy on the eyes.


Height: 25cm

Pot Width: 10cm

Styled with MERINGUE ceramic pot.

*Plants in the photo are for illustration purposes only.

Begonia Rex 'Beefsteak' in MERINGUE Ceramic Pot

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Pot Colour
  • Bright, indirect sunlight.

  • Allow top 2 inches of the soil to dry up between each waterings.

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