Calathea Makoyana 'Peacock' in TILLE Ceramic Pot (16cm)

Peacock Plant is a member of the Marantaceae family of prayer plants. This is one of the showiest in the clan; treat it right and you'll watch it strut its stuff. The bold, decorative markings of its thin, delicate leaves resemble a peacock's tail, lending this beautiful Calathea plant its common name.

Styled in TILLE ceramic pot & saucer.

Height: 35cm, 45cm

Pot Width: 16cm

*Plants in the photo are for illustration purposes only. We will do our best to ensure that you receive a similar one, if not better!

Calathea Makoyana 'Peacock' in TILLE Ceramic Pot (16cm)

Pot Colour
  • Low to medium light, no direct sunlight.

  • Keep mix evenly moist at all times, but not soggy.