Elatostema Repens in TILLE Ceramic Pot (13cm)

Elatostema repens is commonly known as Trailing Watermelon Begonia, Wavy Watermelon Begonia, Satin Creeper, Rainbow Vine, Sisek Naga.

It is a small herbaceous creeper, spreading or trailing up to 60cm.

Its semi-fleshy stems are slightly zigzag, greenish brown colour, rooting at nodes upon contact with ground.

Styled with TILLE ceramic pot & saucer.


Height: 18cm

Pot width: 13cm

*Plants in the photo are for illustration purposes only.

Elatostema Repens in TILLE Ceramic Pot (13cm)

Pot Option
  • Moderate light to full sun.

  • Keep soil evenly moist.

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