Pachira Aquatica in BILLE Ceramic Pot

Pachira Aquatica, also known as Fortune Tree or Money Tree is a very popular houseplant. Because of its natural resilience, you'll likely come across this tropical tree in offices, commercial venues, and other public spaces. If you're looking to add to your indoor plant collection, or are considering becoming a plant parent for the first time, the Pachira Aquatica has the well-deserved reputation of being one of the easiest houseplants to grow and maintain.

Styled in BILLE Ceramic Pot & Wooden Saucer.


Height: 25cm

Pot width: 10cm

*Plants in the photo are for illustration purposes only.

Pachira Aquatica in BILLE Ceramic Pot

  • Low to bright lights. Able to tolerate direct sun with acclimatization.

  • Allow soil to dry in between watering.

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