Philodendron Xanadu in BETONI Concrete Pot (16cm)

Philodendron Xanadu, recently renamed Thaumatophyllum Xanadu, is a wonderful philodendron to grow as a houseplant. With spreading, upright growth, and deeply split leaves it’s great for adding a tropical vibe to your indoor space. The plant becomes even more attractive with maturity, gaining darker green leaves, a thick trunk, and aerial roots along the soil surface.


Styled with BETONI concrete pot & saucer.


Height: 40cm

Pot width: 16cm

*Plants in the photo are for illustration purposes only.

Philodendron Xanadu in BETONI Concrete Pot (16cm)

  • Bright, indirect sunlight.

  • Allow top 2 inches of the soil to dry up between  waterings.

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