Sago Palm in BETONI Concrete Pot & Saucer

The sago palm (Cycas revoluta) is a popular houseplant known for its feathery foliage and ease of care. In fact, this is a great plant for beginners and makes an interesting addition to nearly any room. It can even be grown outdoors. While the name might imply that it is a palm, this plant is actually considered a cycad, one of the oldest groups of plants dating back to prehistoric times — hence the plant’s hardiness.

Styled in BETONI Concrete Pot & Saucer.
Height: 35cm
Pot width: 10cm

*Plants in the photo are for illustration purposes only.

Sago Palm in BETONI Concrete Pot & Saucer

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  • Bright light to direct sunlight.

  • Allow top 2 inches of soil to dry up between waterings.

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