Sansevieria Samurai Dwarf in BOWL Ceramic Pot


This plant was named after the German naturalist known as Christian Ehrenberg which is why sometimes it is referred to as Sansevieria Ehrenbergii. It is also known as an air purifying plant because it effectively detoxifies the air.

This tiny Ehrenbergii plant only grows to a few inches tall and about the same width, which is why the plant is sometimes called Samurai Dwarf.

The plant has dark green pointy leaves that grow in opposite rows with a slight red tint along the leaves’ edges and tips, further enhancing its appearance.


Styled in BOWL Ceramic Pot & Saucer.


Height: 15cm

Pot Width: 12cm

*Plants in the photo are for illustration purposes only.

Sansevieria Samurai Dwarf in BOWL Ceramic Pot

Pot Colour
  • Low to bright, direct sunlight.

  • Water when the soil is completely dry.

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