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BESPOKE Plant Styling Service

By The Nursery Team

Our passionate team strives to curate unique spaces by greening them up. 

We are able to put together a curated collection for your home or commercial spaces based on what would work. Having worked on various projects, our experienced team is able to accommodate your needs.

In-store Services
We offer a complimentary in-store styling service. For our plant specialist to better assist, come prepared with as many photos as possible of the space you are looking to green up. 

On Site BESPOKE Services
Our plant BESPOKE service is a personally tailored service where our team will be on site to assess 
natural lighting conditions, interior design and spatial requirements for seamless integration of plants and planters we have selected. Our on site services are not restricted to just addition of new plants. If you have existing plants that need help, we can do that too. To make an appointment, please contact us at 9278 0728.









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